The Mistaa is a DJ, producer and promoter hailing from Camden Town, North West London. His tracks are currently signed to Entail Records and Circle Music. Later this week, his new EP will be released on Hippie Records. He’s also had remixes from Jordan Peak, SEFF and Reelow. Having played for top London promoters such as ABODE and Regression Sessions, and with festival bookings including WE ARE FSTVL, Eastern Electrics and The Secret Garden Party to name a few, this young talent has been making huge waves on the underground music scene in London. The Mistaa is certainly one to watch in the very near future.

We managed to catch up with him to ask him a few questions ahead of his latest EP release on Thursday 22nd September with Hippie Records.

We asked:  How did it all start for you?

He Answered: It all started for me about 8 Years ago for me I went on a boys holiday to Ayia Napa. I saw the lifestyle the local bar DJs were living and I thought “I’d love a bit of that!” When I got back, I bought myself my first pair of decks and taught myself to mix. After practicing for about 2 years I wanted to start trying to get out there and find a local spot where I could start my own party and that’s when I approached 93 Feet East. I started running a House & Techno event every Thursday. Shortly after, the venue had issues with the council and had to close. After that I started to get regular bookings at Egg Club London, which lead to me gaining a residency & working as Sub Promotions Manager for two different Friday events each month. That’s really when I started to branch out and meet new promoters. Some of which are now life long friends.

We asked: Who is your biggest inspiration both in life and musically?

He Answered: My biggest inspiration will always be my mum. She raised me, put food on my table and clothes on my back, and kept me healthy and for that I owe my life to her. But my musical inspiration has to be Amy Winehouse. She is incredible in every single way!

We asked: Where do you think the underground music scene in London is headed?

He Answered: I think London nightlife could be a lot better at this present moment. With the corrupt things going on ruining nightclubs like Fabric, it leaves thousands of people gutted! London is a big power city, with a vibrant music culture, and I’m sure everyone involved, from DJs and producers, to venue owners and ravers. They will stand and fight until things get back to normal. Music makes people happy. It brings people together. You can’t stop that.

We asked: What festivals would you most like to play at?

He Answered: That’s a tough one! There’s so many! But if I had to choose, my top 5 would be BPM (Carmen, Mexico), Kappa FuturFestival (Turin, Italy), Tomorrow Land (Boom, Belgium), Secret Garden Party (again lol) (Abbots Ripton, UK) and ADE (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

We asked:  If you could pick one producer, who would you most like to do a collaboration with?

He Answered: If I had the chance to pick any producer to do a collab with, it would have to be Matthias Tanzmann, just because he is GOD!


15/10/16 – Audiowhore @ Fire, London
28/10/16 – Regression Sessions @ GSS Warehouse, London
29/10/16 – Swankeys @ Cube Project
31/10/16 Regression Sessions @ The Rainbow Venues, Birmingham

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