5 Alternative Uses For Your Ket Spoon When You’re Sober

The life of a Ket Spoon is not as glamorous as one might imagine. Days, even weeks can run by whilst that poor little sod sits in the dark, gathering various shades of green, waiting to be taken to the next sesh.

So we’ve come up with 5 alternative uses for your Ket Spoon when you’re dabbling in the dark arts to ensure you’re getting the most out of it!

  1. Eating tiny yoghurts. Yoghurt pot too small? Get that shovel out and munch to your hearts delight!
  2. Quails egg and spoon race. Waitrose goers! This middle-class spin on a child’s classic is sure to make you the talk of the prep-school lobby.
  3. Archaeological excavation. Leading archaeologists on digs all over the world are only just realising the level of precision that the Ket Spoon offers when cleaning up an artefact.
  4. Pomegranates. The fiddliest fruit on the shelf is no match for the size and dexterity of the Ket Spoon, which makes quick work of those delicious seeds inside.
  5. Fashionable earrings. Turn heads at your next sesh by using your spoons as a beautiful pair of earrings. Suits you!

So next time you find yourself shovelling some of the norty salt into your nose just spare a moment for that little silver rascal, and have a think of how you can get him involved in more than just the sesh!

5 Alternative Uses For Your Ket Spoon When You’re Sober
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