‘Come Sesh With Me’ To Air On Channel 4


Channel 4 announced today that they will be producing ‘Come Sesh With Me’, a spin-off series of the popular cooking show ‘Come Dine With Me’.

Each episode will feature 4 or 5 contestants, who take it upon themselves to provide their guests with the best sesh possible. After each session, contestants give their score out of 10. The person with the highest accumulated points over the episode will be declared the winner and take home £1,000 in cash.

Giles Aperworthy A spokesperson from Channel 4 stated: “With the hugely successful Come Dine With Me, we have high hopes for our new series, especially with the ever growing rave culture in the UK. Our aim is to attract a younger, more liberal audience for future ideas in the pipeline. The content of the show will feature explicit behaviour, which is obviously our main concern, but strict guidelines will be in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved.”

The British broadcaster has also announced that it will be airing the show after the watershed (post 9PM) and that viewer discretion is advised.

Giles goes on to say, “Contestants will be judges on their hosting ability, how wrecked they can get their guests, entertainment and obviously, their music choice. Without revealing too much, we’re expecting to see some pretty heavy sessions in cities across the UK, including Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool and Bristol. We’ve also introduced an interactive app for the audience to score contestants from home!”

Production has already started and Channel 4 hope to be airing the first series in February 2017.




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