Kid Finds Message In A Bottle From Ibiza Sesh Heads

8 year old, Anton Hill from Plymouth, England was spending a family day at the beach when he found a Stella bottle containing a hand written message.

“Anton ran over to me waving this beer bottle in the air”, his dad recalls. “When he handed it to me I saw there was a message inside, and I have to admit, I was just as curious as my 8 year old son!”

Later that day, Anton and his dad took the bottle home where they carefully cracked it open to retrieve the mysterious scroll of paper.

“I was very excited!” Says Anton. “I thought it was a treasure map left by Pirates!”

But to Anton and his father’s disappointment, the bottle contained a hand written message from Dan & Dan. Two friends who had visited Ibiza that same week.

“The message wasn’t exactly appropriate for Anton, but I let him keep it. It’s not every day a kid gets to find a real message in a bottle….”

Read the message below:


“Dan & Dan was here 1/10/2016. Out our nuts on cocaine! Massive love for the sesh! Lots of love, Sesh Gremlins aka (illegible)”

Kid Finds Message In A Bottle From Ibiza Sesh Heads
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