Mate ‘swears on life’ he can’t remember kissing ugly bird


A group of friends organised an intervention with their friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) after claims of him kissing an ‘ugly bird’ came about.

Jordan (one of his friends) told us “Since the rumours started flying about that he got with that girl, he hasn’t been the same! We haven’t seen him in weeks. We thought it was time to sit him down and let him come to terms with it”.

Another one of his friends apparently witnessed him kissing the girl and is confused as to why he feels he has to hide it. “He needs to get over it! I saw him with my own two eyes getting inside her throat! He’d had a bit to drink, but what happened, happened. He needs to face the facts”.

When we finally got a chance to speak to him about the incident, he seemed on edge and all we managed to get was “I swear on my life I don’t remember kissing her!”

The group of friends are hoping that they can get him back to his old self soon.



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