Michelin Star Chef Uses “Magical” Ingredient in his Latest Menu



A Michelin Star chef, who has carried three of these prestigious accolades for almost 15 years, has revealed a delightful new menu at his Chelsea based restaurant.

“Having been a head chef since 1993, and opening 28 restaurants and bars around the world, I was seeking to inject my career and my food with something new”.

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants have been awarded with 16 Michelin Stars collectively, and currently hold 9. The ultimate goal of this new 12-course taster menu is to “win them all”.

“My culinary excellence relies on refreshing ingredients and ambitious presentation, which together create a new dining experience for people to enjoy”.

So what does Ol’ Gordo have planned?


Heston Blumenthal has long been known for out of this world culinary ideas. Bacon ice cream. Flavoured lickable wallpaper. Giant chocolate bars. He even recreated the zany treats dreamt up by Willy Wonka. But Ramsay has topped all of these!

“I start with my own synthetic substrate, which I inoculate with spores from the Hawaiian Lava Mushroom. Monitoring their growth over 16 weeks, I discovered a formula in which the hallucinogenic effects of these ‘magic mushrooms’ are limited”.

The single remaining effect of this surprising ingredient instantly induces an earth-shattering orgasm for both male and female diners, and to that we say YES, CHEF!

So if you’re looking for a dining experience (with desert included), look no further.


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