Shuffler Admits He Does In Fact Look Like A Bellend

Self proclaimed ‘Shuffle King’, Ryan Thomas from YouTube channel “I Cut Shapes” has today admitted he looks like a bellend on the dance floor.

Shuffling (v.) ‘to shuffle’: A dance performed by Huarache wearing cunts. ‘Shufflers’ are universally loathed by anyone who has ever been to an actual rave. Shuffling is usually performed when accompanied by the latest chart house banger, despite the dance never ever matching the actual beat.

Ryan attended a party at EGG in London on Saturday, where he allegedly broke a girls nose whilst shuffling. Ryan was held in the club’s office by security staff and later taken into custody by police.

When shown footage of the incident, Ryan shook his head and asked, “Is that actually me? I look like a right bellend!”

We managed to catch up with Ryan once he was released on Sunday afternoon.

“If I did break her nose, it was an accident. I dance with big gestures and swing my arms around. She must have walked into my hand or something. It wasn’t on purpose”.

The charges were later dropped, as it was in fact an accident. But Ryan, stop being a bellend on the dance floor.

Shuffler Admits He Does In Fact Look Like A Bellend
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