Teacher Questioned Over Making Student Do 100 Lines

School teacher, Graham Irons is under fire today after allegations arose that he made one of his students do 100 lines.

Mr. Irons teaches English at St. Martins secondary school in Wales. On Monday this week, he was suspended after a student accused him of ‘making him do 100 lines’. Claims Mr. Irons denies these claims.

“His class is boring innit”, stated Brandon Collins, 15, and went on to say, “I was messing about, just chatting and what not and Mr. Irons told me to stay after class. When class finished, he (Mr. Irons) handed me a piece of chalk and told me to do 100 lines!”

Brandon is well known as a class clown at St. Martins, and Mr. Irons isn’t the only teacher to have had trouble from the teen. A colleague, Ms. Bracey, commented, “I’m sure there’s been a mistake or miscommunication somewhere along the way. Brandon has often disrupted class and caused petty issues for staff at St. Martins”.

We managed to catch up with Mr. Irons and get his side of the story.

“Brandon Collins is a kid. As a teacher, it’s expected to encounter kids who haven’t learned how to respect their elders, or their educators for that matter. I pride myself in keeping my classroom engaged and weeding out trouble makers, as trouble makers often effect other student’s learning. I asked Brandon to stay after class and write 100 lines reading ‘I will not disturb my class and I will respect my teacher’. Brandon has made a false accusation and dug himself a hole he will struggle to climb out of”.





Teacher Questioned Over Making Student Do 100 Lines
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