Young Lad Nearly Drowns Sniffing Coke


Luke Bygrave leads a sheltered life in Castle Donington, a village in Derbyshire. Home schooled by his parents, Luke was rarely allowed out the house to make friends. His parents also banished him from owning a phone and using social media.

On Saturday, Luke turned 18. And like any other British kid taking the leap into adulthood, he wanted to celebrate by going out, getting drunk and waking up in a pool of his own vomit in the garden. However, his overbearing parents had other plans.

“Turning 18 does not give a child the god-given right to go out, cause trouble and inebriate themselves beyond their control!” His mother stated. “Luke put himself in hospital because he made the choice to not listen to his mother and his father”.

When we got a chance to speak to Luke, he was embarrassed about the incident.

“Mum and dad never let me have coke. They said it rots your teeth. But I heard if you sniff it, you get a buzz and lots of people do it when they go to nightclubs. When mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner, I asked if I could try coke. She didn’t look happy, but decided it was my 18th, so it was okay just this once. When she got home, I took the bottle upstairs and started sniffing it through a straw. It felt horrible, but I didn’t get the buzz so carried on. I remember choking, but after that is a blur”.

Luke has now made a full recovery and is attending a local drug awareness class.

Young Lad Nearly Drowns Sniffing Coke
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