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A French horn player, turned guitar player, turned bass player, turned sound engineer, turned dj/producer.  Byrdipop grew up in South Carolina, and has been in Miami since 2005.  A music lover for life, he has been Djing for 3 years, and had a residency with the Slap and Tickle Miami party for 2015.  He produced an abstract hip hop EP “PITIPARTI” with the artist PoorgrrrL, released on Parachute Records, July 2016.  He also produced a song “Binary” with Austin Paul and SNDNGCHLLZ for a III Points compilation released in September 2016.  His club sets vary stylistically, while maintaining a danceable atmosphere.  Generally, he keeps it deep and dark and underground, with some vocals scattered throughout, but doesn’t mind getting funky here and there. 



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