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Santiago Caballero

Santiago Caballero is the real name. His USB’s got no room for gimmicks. Born in Colombia and raised in Miami, Caballero moved to Boston in high school and cut his teeth into it’s music scene. A big city with a small town mentality. The clubs weren’t “underground” in a stylistic sense, but starting up there taught him dedication, hard work, and the real joy of playing records for appreciative ears.

He returned to Miami in 2010 determined to make DJing his full-time gig. A year and a half of struggle almost took the fight out of him, but before he could give up, he banded together with a couple of like-minded locals to form the Slap & Tickle party brand. Going four years strong, Slap & Tickle’s weekly Tuesday event has built a reputation as a local industry favourite, a place for real house heads to come together in passion, leave everything on the dance floor, and head to work the next morning with a massive hangover.

“I just wanna play records, man”, Caballero says. “It’s not complicated, it’s not blown out of proportion. I like to play records, and if you get to play them in front of people, it’s a lot more fun.”


Santiago Caballero
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