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You can find it in the space where Boom Boom Room and Bella Rose was located. Do Not Sit on the Furniture managed to take this intimate club, add a blinged up sombrero chandelier, and instructed their party people to adhere to its namesake motto. Anyway, there’s no chance of sitting because everything, from the sound they provide to the vibe of the crowd and the artists they bring in. Everything is spot on! The dance floor is the only place you’ll want to be! The atmosphere takes me back to London.

San Francisco’s DJ Behrouz and Will Renuart of Electric Pickle opened the club in 2013, and Do Not Sit has showcased to the world that South Beach’s club scene is capable of sustaining a venue where VIP guestlists, bottles and EDM (eek) are nonexistent. For a small club, the sound system packs a punch without leaving you shouting in your friends ear. The made-for-selfies wall of gold cassette tapes is a must when you visit (and I say when, because I’m sure you will!). But above all, the sound, the dancing, the people, it’s the atmosphere is my favourite thing about this place. It’s pure love. Do Not Sit has truly created a community of people who share one thing. A love for underground music. 

Clubs nowadays are judged by their size. The flashing lights. The people focused on looking good, rather than feeling good. Clubs nowadays focus on image. What happened to ‘Dance like no ones watching’? Do Not Sit on the Furniture has proven to Miami that throwing a stripped back party that brings the crowd closer to the music, is still possible. Even on South Beach!

Definitely check this place out, and remember…. Do Not Sit On The Furniture.

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