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Colorful Parties. Carefree Vibes.

Minimax and The Secret Garden have long been a party of the Miami music scene. This summer, they introduced some new additions to their already booming line up of up coming promoter brands and local artists.

For a whole week in September, the streets of Little Havana are flooded with street artists, fashion labels, food vendors and local business owners. The whole community are encouraged to join in and celebrate the diverse mix of cultures in the neighborhood. Throughout the day, you can taste the delights that Cuba, Peru, Mexico and Italy have to offer, as well as watching live graffiti shows and experiencing the array of culture that Miami has to offer. As the sun sets, the streets are transformed into one of the cities biggest street parties. Local artists as well as headline acts take over the stages and streets and as an awe inspiring light show begins, the crowd turns into a 21+ and the mojitos and dancing commences!

A stand out brand for us this year was La Habana. A party pieced together by the Bardot residents and their friends. Their mantra is “Come Together and Celebrate Music, Life and Culture”. Their Tiki Bar was my favorite part, with speciality cocktails shaken up by professional mixologists from the Miami School of Mixology! They hosted lawn games such as limbo and hoop the hook (or Aro Del Gancho, a team game originating in Cuba). Their residents m.O.N.R.O.E, Sinopoli and Kiké played an amazing mix of soulful/Latin house and disco and the crowd didn’t stop dancing until 6am! (God bless Miami’s 24 hour party policy!)

We can’t wait to see what Minimax throws in the summer of 2017, and we hope to see the La Habana party crew make their return to the streets!




Colorful Parties. Carefree Vibes.
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