5 Festivals To Get To Before Your Last Breath

Whether you love them or despise them, festivals are something that life is far too short to miss out on. Therefore, here are five festivals you absolutely have to attend before that old bucket of yours gets well and truly kicked.



Burning Man Festival – Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA

Think Glastonbury on Mars – Burning Man truly is the festival-goers’ Mecca: a salt pan awash with giant works of art, weird and wonderful machines, crazy buildings, LSD and Mescaline, everyone clad in their scantilies, every music genre under the sun, and all wrapped up in sandstorms that Darude would be proud of.



Into the Valley – Rättvik, Sweden

Like a lot of teenage girls across our great nation, the European festival circuit has pumped out another child, and named it ‘Into The Valley’. Set in a disused quarry in the forests of central Sweden, this little hidden gem serves up the absolute crème-de-la crème of all things electronic, and is definitely something to wrap your lips around before Mr. Reaper comes a-knockin’.



Gottwood Festival – Anglesey, Wales

Small and eloquent with only 5000 attendees, Gottwood is a festival that prides itself on showcasing up-and-coming talent and nailing the party atmosphere. House, Techno, Disco, Funk, and not to mention live bands, there’s something for everyone at the fastest-rising star in the UK festival circuit.



Awakenings Festival – Spaarnwoude, Netherlands

The Dutch techno force that is Awakenings puts on a show of unparalleled and unbeatable production quality. 100+ of the world’s finest acts, old and new, play across 8 nutty stages over 2 dastardly days of debauchery – no wonder it’s dubbed “the spiritual home of techno”.



Kappa Futur Festival – Torino, Italy

Calling all tech-heads, take that Drumcode podcast out of your ears and listen for one second. 30,000 people all under one massive roof; a sound system and a lighting show that in combination gives you PTSD for a fortnight; the glorious Italian summer; and a whole weekend ticket for £40?! Gordon Bennet what more could you ask for…

5 Festivals To Get To Before Your Last Breath
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