Council Member reveals why he voted to close Fabric


Conspiracy unfolded today after an Islington Borough Council Member revealed his reason for voting to close Fabric in London.

For 17 years the venue stood as one of the world’s most forward thinking brands in electronic music. However, on 7th September, after a 6 hour meeting which ran into the early hours, Fabric was ordered to close it’s doors by Islington Council because of a “culture of drug use”.

Earlier today it emerged there may have been an ‘ulterior motive’ behind one of the Council Member’s votes. The Council Member, who we are unable to name at this present time, admitted to his fellow Councilmen that he voted for the venue to close because he was “Rejected from Fabric 10 years ago”. An investigation has been launched in to these allegations, however, as the investigation is carried out by his fellow Councilmen, it is unlikely the supporters of Fabric will see him suffer the consequences.

This just goes to show that the culture of London’s thriving underground music scene is in the hands of people who hold a petty grudge and who line their pockets at the loss of something truly spectacular. Replacing cultural landmarks with high-rise new builds. Allowing foreign developers to take away our beloved venues. This fight will not end. The movement to support Fabric will continue.

“This is about more than fabric – an entire way of life is under threat”

Fabric recently launched the campaign #saveourculture to help support their efforts to appeal the closure. In just one week they have raised £190,000. Together we can win.

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Council Member reveals why he voted to close Fabric
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