Lad Trades Mint Condition Charizard for Sold Out Elrow Ticket


London lad, James McGloughlin has just made the ‘trade of the century’ after tickets for Elrow’s show at Tobacco Dock next March sold out in less than 2 hours!

“I swear, getting tickets to Elrow parties is harder than Glasto! I signed up, set my alarm, did all the usual routine a seasoned ticket buyer does, but when I went to buy them, the party was sold out!”

James immediately did what any ticket hungry lad does in that situation. He took to social media to put the request out


Within a matter of seconds, James had over 50 messages from Pokémon lovers around the UK. However, only one person actually had an Elrow ticket to trade. Greg Watson said, “When I saw James’ Tweet, it was a no brainer! I’ve wanted a mint condition Charizard for over 11 years after losing mine as a kid. Trading an Elrow ticket was well worth it!”

James is absolutely over the moon that he’s now going to Elrow Singermorning. “Buzzing! Gutted I lost my Charizard, but it’s well worth it…” To put this trade in perspective, a mint condition Charizard sells for anything between £2,500-£7,500 depending on the year it was released.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on tickets, Elrow’s show next March is looking like it’s going to be an unforgettable party!







Lad Trades Mint Condition Charizard for Sold Out Elrow Ticket
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