Woman & friends thrown off a flight to Ibiza for being racist to fellow passengers


A woman who was thrown off a flight from Manchester to Ibiza did not hurl racist slurs at fellow passengers, a family member said today.
Naomi Watts, from Runcorn, Cheshire, was asked to leave the Monarch flight with three female friends after four groups of passengers asked to be moved away from the women.
One passenger, who later posted photos of the incident on social media, claimed the group, all believed to be in their early 20s, were being ‘racist’ and ‘threatening’ towards other holidaymakers.
But a relative today said Miss Watts and one of her friends, identified only as ‘Hannah’, were not involved in the argument and had simply been ‘caught up’ in the drama.
She said the women had been trying to calm down a third friend at the centre of the confrontation.

Girls on plane to Ibiza get kicked off for racism taken from Facebook without permission - https://www.facebook.com/amber.e.ferguson/posts/10155351211054569?pnref=story Checked with legal editorial call to use pics unmuzzed

Disruptive: A relative claimed Miss Watts (circled) and her friends were ‘very drunk’

‘I don’t think it was just them arguing – I think that the whole back of the plane was arguing – but the four of them have been taken off.

‘They were not arrested, the captain asked for them to be taken off the plane.

‘Only one of the girls has made a racist comment and it wasn’t Naomi and once they have gotten off the plane, Naomi has had a row with the girl who kicked things off so they weren’t on speaking terms.

‘I’m not saying that the girls weren’t drunk because they were very drunk but they were taken off the plane because of an argument and not because they were drunk or made racist comments.

‘But it has just been blown all out of proportion and Naomi has ended up being linked to something that she has not done.’
Miss Watts, who works in sales, was travelling to Ibiza with her friends for a week of end-of-season parties, the relative said.
They are understood to have been moved on to a later flight to the party island.

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