Mad Villains ‘Hit the Club’ EP

Acclaimed party people Regression Sessions back up their outrageously good, UK-wide events by starting their own label. It promises to offer a chunky, high impact house sound with a healthy serving of bass on each new release. The first firing EP comes from Mad Villains and features a remix from DJOKO.

First up here is ‘Hit the Club’, a sleazy, gangster house cut with big rubbery kicks and wonky sine waves, distant jungle breakbeats and rolling bass all demanding you dance. It’s full of character and will beef up any party. ‘West Coast’, which sees the producer link with Maxine Garman, is a more driving cut with elastic drums and big colourful chords all bringing a sense of house party atmosphere and street wise swagger. It’s a robust track that is expertly produced for maximum impact. The DJOKO remix is fully off the chain, with sawtooth synths and big, in your face drums smashing out a hardcore house groove as whirring machines and ravey vocals add fuel to the fire. All in all, it rounds out an impressive first EP.



Mad Villains ‘Hit the Club’ EP
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