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PREMIERE: Granite State ‘Tuku’

London based Techno producer Granite State has his debut release on East Recordings with a killer 4 track EP entitled, 338. His knowledge of the dance floor is evident in the EP’s lead track, “338”. It’s a sublimely brooding cut with trippy percussion and an ever-evolving arpeggiated lead line building into an atmospheric breakdown, the tension developed from which is slickly released by the ensuing peak time techno drop. “Poler” is a huge cinematic cut with a haunting lead line and call-and-response percussion designed for peak time techno floors with nods to the tasteful end of progressive house. And rounding off a strong EP, “Tuku” continues in a similar vein with a deep and atmospheric melodic workout juxtaposed against a driving brass-style bassline!

Thallulah, William Medagli and Jose Maria Ramon were given full reign on the remix duties. Their remix of “338” is really two tracks in one: the first half strips things down to the bare bones in an extended downtempo electronica intro before morphing into a much more up-front techno affair in the second.



Artist: Granite_state
Track: Tuku
Label: Eastrecordings

Released by:
East Recordings

Release date:
27th February 2017 (Exclusively on Traxsource)

PREMIERE: Granite State ‘Tuku’
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